And So The Adventure Begins

Wanderlust is defined as the strong desire to travel. Both Zac and I are consumed by wanderlust so Wanderlust Walkers seemed like a natural fit for our blog. We are excited to share our experiences, stories and thoughts with others and also have a record of our trip that we can look back on. This blog won’t be anything formal but it will be a mix of pictures, crazy situations we get into, descriptions of awe inspiring places we see, reviews of things we’ve eaten or places we’ve stayed at and reflections and thoughts that we think are noteworthy.

We have no formal plan but over the next six months we are hoping to go to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy and Croatia. We may be a bit ambitious with our list of countries but the beauty of having no set schedule is we can change our minds as often as we want.

Since leaving Canada 37 hours ago (plus 14 hours if you want to include the time change) I wouldn’t say anything extraordinary has happened. We traveled from Edmonton to San Francisco, to Tokyo and finally Bangkok. We were served green tea ice cream as dessert on one of the flights, got out first official passport stamp in Bangkok, were met with a wave of heat and smells when we stepped out of the cab to walk to our Villa and have seen several strange looking cats, two very large rats and lots of backpackers taking it all in just like we are. We discovered delicious fresh mango shakes (smoothies) and ate Pat Thai which was delicious. The road systems here are one of a kind. Thanon (streets) and soi (smaller streets or lanes that run off of thanon) aren’t really controlled and pedestrians do not have the right of way whatsoever. Most of the soi are just wide enough for a vehicle to fit down without its mirrors knocking over the stalls set up on either side. There are street vendors everywhere and they are selling everything you could imagine. I’m sure I’ll buy some Thai pants at some point but I haven’t worked up the courage to barter with anyone just yet.

We have one more night in Bangkok and then we are headed to Cambodia to start working our way north up the eastern side of SE Asia. We’re not sure how we will get to Cambodia or where we will stay when we get there but that’s all part of the adventure! This goes against everything my Type A personality says about being prepared and planning ahead. But that’s half the fun of this trip. The next six months will show us to go outside of our comfort zone and we have the privilege of being able to learn so much!

There’s no telling when we will write another blog post but keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram as we are hoping to post a picture a day as a way to stay connected with family and friends and as a another way to track our incredible adventure!

And So The Adventure Begins

3 thoughts on “And So The Adventure Begins

  1. Ahhh! So glad you guys made it. Take a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. They sell tickets everywhere. I think the day long trip (including a hassle of a border crossing which you CAN do one your own should you wish) should cost around $18 each!!


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